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on "american chopper," will smith stated he crashed a motorcycle at around 60 mph while filming i, robot.

the role of "rose" in 1997's titanic, was initially offered to gwyneth paltrow.

before casting alec buinness as obi-wan kenobi in star wars, george lucas considered casting japanese actor toshirô mifune.

ET's face was modeled after poet carl sandburg, scientist albert einstein and a pug dog.

in star wars: episode i, in scene in the skywalker home, george lucas digitally altered jake lloyd's eyes to look in a different direction momentarily.

the first film in the "lord of the rings" trilogy had 560 computer-generated effects. the two towers had 800 and return of the king had 1500.

in the passion, james caviezel experienced a shoulder separation when the 150 pound cross dropped on his shoulder. the scene is still in the movie.

lemons! lemons! lemons!
The Lemon: It's amazing that this lemon got green-lit. it's time to ask the filmmakers: what were they thinking?

dancing star guy
One Star: Don't waste your time or your dime. Wait for Blockbuster Video to release it as a 5-day 99 cent rental . . . and split the cost with five of your friends. No wait, that's too generous. go to somebody else's house and wait for it to come on HBO so you can watch it for free.

dancing star guydancing star guy
Two Stars: Worth seeing, but only at the matinee price. Make sure you get there before six!! (and sneak into the film with m&m's hidden in your pockets . . . forget concessions) This is an average film. Most films tend to be average.

dancing star guydancing star guydancing star guy
Three Stars: Good flick. Worth the 8 fifty for an evening show. Throw in some 7 dollar popcorn and you've got yourself a great night at the movies. Films with three stars aren't usually oscar winners, but they're fun.

dancing star guydancing star guydancing star guydancing star guy
Four Stars: Spend multiple nights at this film. Attend more than once. In fact, buy it pre-sale from amazon. this is a film that is much better than average. Bordering on filmic genius.

dancing star guydancing star guydancing star guydancing star guydancing star guy
Five Stars: I don't officially have a five star rating, though I've given two of the four-hundred plus films I've reviewed five stars. See if you can find them!

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