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sam raimi officially signed on to direct spider-man 2 on 1 april 2002, more than a month before the first film opened.

in jurassic park, during the egg-hatching scene, a new-born baby triceratops was originally supposed to come out of the egg, but it was changed to a velociraptor.

in finding nemo, the waiting room in the dentist's office was modeled after the waiting room in a real dentist's office in emeryville, california, where pixar animation studios has its headquarters.

in forrest gump, tom hanks patterned his accent after michael conner humphreys, who played young forrest, who actually talked that way.

in disney's the lion king, one of the bugs that timon pulls out of a knothole during hakuna matata is wearing mickey mouse ears.

robbie coltrane was the very first person to be cast in harry potter and the sorcerer's stone.

in independence day, the white house interiors were originally built for the american president, and were subsequently used for Mars Attacks!

pirates of the caribbean was the first movie under the official walt disney pictures banner to receive a rating higher than pg in the usa.

in home alone, jeffrey wiseman, who plays the inquisitive neighbor, mitch murphy, auditioned for the role of kevin macallister.

in the matrix reloaded, the 1.4-mile, three-lane loop highway was built specifically for the chase scene on the decommissioned alameda point navy base. it was destroyed when filming was complete.

for shrek, mike myers says that he based shrek's accent on the voice his mother used when reading him bedtime stories as a child.

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