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DIRECTOR  -  tom green

RATED  -  r

GENRE  -  torture

LENGTH  -  87 minutes

RELEASED  -  20 april 2001

DISTRIBUTOR  -  20th century fox

OFFICIAL SITE  -  freddy got fingered

ESTIMATED BUDGET  -  $15,000,000
freddy got fingered - a shot from the film

tom green makes us suffer on the big screen.

who cares.


picture from freddy got fingered


zero out of four possible stars

Calling this film "the worst film of the year" is hardly necessary when it deserves a much larger title. Try "the worst movie ever made." That simple phrase aptly describes the latest Tom Green movie, Freddy Got Fingered.

Perhaps you have to be a fan of this type of film to enjoy it, but, being as open minded about seeing films in odd genres as I am, I can't find anything to recommend about this film. As far as gross-out comedies go, it hasn't got the funny performances of the "American Pie" series, and its comedy can barely be considered funny.

In fact, I'm just going to come out and say it: this film is laughable only if one thinks about the studio who released this film, the man who wrote and directed it, and the people who actually consider this piece of celluloid a film. If the comedy was funny, it wouldn't be necessary to tear this movie apart, but at least with American Pie (the most recent movie in the same genre) the comedy was entertaining.

Here, it's not even entertaining. And it goes way beyond gross and bad taste. One of the most perplexing areas of this film is the casting. I can think of only one reason why this film sported such a talented cast: the budget was 500 million dollars.

How else could they get the all these people to be in this film?

This film boasts as members of its cast actors Rip Torn, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Anthony Michael Hall, Julie Hagerty and Drew Barrymore. Perhaps i can think of one other reason why all these actors consented to be in this film: Tom Green is the devil and Rip, Anthony, Julie, and Drew all owe him their souls. I could write a dissertation on why you shouldn't see this movie.

Horse genitalia, live human births, and wheel-chair bound rocket scientists. And none of it's funny. I can't say there's any reason to go on and on and on about the lack of virtues about this film and feel that to write more about it would only be repetitive. Indeed, I will leave you now with a quote from this film, hoping it will convince you to visit your local blockbuster and steal every copy of this film, thereby preventing anyone from seeing it:

"But Gord, I don't care about jewels, I just want to suck your cock."

Review by Kelsey Wyatt.

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