Welcome! As you can see from that big banner above, my name is Kelsey Wyatt, and I'm a writer. I went to film school and graduate school and eventually settled upon writing as my creative outlet. I can write anything but poetry. I'm seriously horrid at poetry. I enjoy writing novels best, and I've been known to slap together a screenplay here and there.

I've also worked as a ghostwriter for about 10 years. If you're on the internet regularly, there's a good chance you've read something I wrote, even if my name wasn't on the byline. This world is overflowing with bad writers, and it's usually my job to transform tepid prose into something readable.

What I'm doing right now: I'm currently writing my second romance novel, as well as finishing a screenplay adaptation with my writing partner. I'm also working as a ghostwriter, and I occasionally get nerdy with my blog.

Check out the links to the left if you'd like to know more. I'm always interested in new projects, so if you're doing something creative and need some brainstorming or a writing partner, let me know.

Need a ghostwriter? Contact me for rates.

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