I provide a variety of writing services, but my adventures aren't restricted to what you see below. Do you have an idea? Want to know if what you wrote is awesome or not so awesome? Contact me, and we'll talk.

Ghostwriting (creative): $0.15/word

Ghostwriting (nonfiction): $0.10/word

Blog posts: $30/per

Blog posts posted to your blog: $40/per

Stock images for your blog: $3/per

Website content (mainstream subjects): $35 per 500 words

Website content (technical subjects): $50 per 500 words

Resume writing: $100

Resume editing: $25/hour

Consulting $35/hour

I give discounts if you enter into a long-term contract with me. I don't usually write term papers or school work; however, I'd be happy to tutor you in writing or take a look at your finished paper for a nominal fee.

Need a ghostwriter? Contact me for rates.

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